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Cross Country Ski Service

At Pete's Garage, we offer a full service Nordic service center including stone grinding, waxing, and base repair.  You can even give your skis a spa day with a nice long wax soak in Northeast Wisconsin's only hot box!

We make every effort to get your skis back to you in 24 hours, helping you to get back on the snow.  Race wax service uses Toko premium waxes and follows up to date Toko wax recommendations. 

Stone grinding

Why stone grind your skis?  Hot waxing Nordic skis, which sometimes requires higher temperatures (particularly with colder waxes), can damage the base of your skis, making them less receptive to new wax.   Stone grinding removes a very thin layer of the base of your skis, opening the pores in your base material which allows it to properly receive fresh wax.  Stone grinding can also help flatten your bases as well as create a uniform surface after base repair.  A fresh stone grind followed by a long wax soak in our hot box will ensure that your skis are saturated and ready for the season.  

This season we've partnered with one of the premier stone grind services in the Midwest and will be processing skis in batches until December 14th with an expected turnaround of two weeks or less.  

Hot boxing

When cross country skis are new or have just been stone ground, the bases need to be saturated with wax in order to ensure optimal performance.  While this can be accomplished with multiple rounds of standard hot waxing, this takes time and also exposes the base of your skis to potential damage after multiple rounds of high temperature wax application.  Hot boxing is a process that allows your skis to soak up wax over the course of three hours in a very tightly controlled environment that keeps the skis at a uniform temperature just high enough to melt wax but not high enough to damage your skis.  

At Pete's Garage, we're proud to offer Northeast Wisconsin's only Nordic hot box service.  Get your new or freshly stone ground skis ready for the season!

Pricing Menu

Wax Packages*



  • Base cleaning
  • First layer hydrocarbon
  • Second layer low fluorocarbon



  • Base Cleaning
  • First layer low fluorocarbon
  • Second layer high fluorocarbon



  • Base cleaning
  • First layer low fluorocarbon/moly
  • Second layer high fluorocarbon
  • Structure of the day

World Cup


  • Base cleaning
  • First layer low fluorocarbon/moly
  • Second layer high fluorocarbon
  • Pure Fluoro treatment
  • Structure of the day

Individual Services

Stone Grind and Hot Wax: $80

Stone Grind and Hot Box Soak: $90

Hot Box Wax Soak:  $20 

Base Repair:  $60/hour shop rate ($5 minimum)