At Pete’s Garage we appreciate that each rider is a unique individual and we offer a personalized fitting experience that has your needs, goals, concerns, and preferences in mind. We fit road bikes, cyclocross bikes, TT/tri bikes, and mountain bikes.

Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or just ramping up after falling for this great sport, a correct position on the bike, or ‘fit’, can lead to increased performance, comfort and a better overall cycling experience. The results can be dramatic. Many of the minor and not-so-minor pains that can come with cycling can often be resolved with adjustments to a cyclist’s position on the bike.


We are proud to offer the GURU FIT SYSTEM™, which enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike and riding position to match their personal preferences. 

We would like for you to think of the GURU FIT SYSTEM™ as an incredibly high-tech, computer-controlled infinitely-adjustable bicycle… and the ultimate tool to find your perfect position! With GURU’s Virtual Warehouse, you’ll have access to thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers – allowing you to test ride a collection of individual bikes on command. Let the GURU FIT SYSTEM™ find the bike size that is correct for you. There are over 20,000 bike brands/models that are constantly updated in the Guru database.


GURU fit studio at Pete's Garage

Our GURU fit experts have been trained and certified at the GURU academy in Bethel, CT.  GURU’s proprietary certification program ensures that every GURU fitter is thoroughly prepared to operate the GURU Fit System at maximum capacity and provide their customers with the ultimate fit experience. To schedule an appointment with a fit specialist, simply email or call us at (920) 857-1690 during business hours.

Basic Bike Finder Fit - $49.95

Ideal for new riders trying to find that right bike!

Custom Fit - $149.95

For the experienced rider trying to find the most comfortable, efficient and powerful riding position


RetroFit - $149.95

For the rider who already has a bike and wants to get the most out of their riding experience


Premium Fit or Tri-Fit  - $299.95

Ideal for the serious racer or triathlete


Aline insoles - $80.00

ALINE’s patented technology revolutionizes insole design with our suspension zones, ribbed arches, and contour zones. All of the elements work together to align your body from the waist down in order to decreases harmful forces on the feet, knees, and ankles and allow maximum performance.

Stop in today and ask us about how we can help to improve your cycling experience!!