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Ever wanted to try Kayaking or learn why Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) are becoming so popular?   Just want to try before you buy and want more than just a regular test ride? Or, are you just looking to have an incredibly fun afternoon with friends or family? No matter the reason, we have an entire fleet of kayaks and SUPs waiting for you to rent. Just browse our information below, select the boats you need and we'll make sure we meet your reservation needs!

We rent trailers and all the accessories you might need as well!


Inflatable SUP Solid SUP Raptor - Monster Inflatable SUP
These boards have a similar feel to a solid board, but are much more portable, lighter and easier to store.  These boards are rigid when fully inflated, and a great choice for anyone starting into the SUP craze. A solid or "hard" board is an excellent choice if your looking for increased speed and more glide over long distances.  These boards tend to be more maneuverable than inflatables.

Approx. 14' long, 5' wide and 8" thick, this inflatable SUP is big enough for you and 3 friends!  We also have the 6 person SupSquatch!  These giant SUPs will fit in the trunk of most cars when deflated and are easy to transport.  Great for paddling, surfing, white-water rafting or just use it as a swim platform!

Solara 120 Solara 135 Solara 145T (Tandem)
Our medium sized Solara 120 is a kayak the whole family can enjoy. Sized to fit kids to full size adults, it is a great kayak to keep at the lake or take out for a weekday jaunt on the local pond. The Solara 135  is a full sized recreational kayak perfect for medium to larger paddlers looking for an ultra-tough and budget conscious roto kayak. Its stable hull and open cockpit design makes it a great option for fishing as well. Looking to double your fun? Want to experience kayaking with your significant other? Rent a tandem! You'll enjoy the thrill, fun and ease of paddling together. 

Kestrel 120 Kestrel 140 Things to remember
The Kestrel 120 is incredibly maneuverable, has rock solid stability, and weighs in at only 38 pounds. Featuring a large recreational cockpit, this boat allows for easy entry and exit.
Great to keep at the cabin for the family, the Kestrel 140 is perfect for the all around outdoorsmen as well. With the extra storage it can hold all the gear and tackle a float fisherman may need.
Don't forget to wear appropriate clothing for being on the water!  You should also make sure to bring sunscreen along.

Selection and Pricing -- Watercraft Equipment Rental
Quality Level 24 hrs. Each Additional Day
SUP - (Includes tie-down straps, paddle and personal floatation device (PFD))
Inflatable SUP $50 $40
Solid SUP $50 $40
Monster Inflatable SUP - SupSquatch $85 $75
Kayak - (Includes tie-down straps, paddle and personal floatation device (PFD))
Solara 120, Kestrel 120 $50 $40
Solara 135, Kestrel 140 $50 $40
Solara 145T (Tandem) $65 $55
Paddle $5 $3
PFD $5 $3
Bilge Pump $5 $3
Dry Bags $5 $3
Foam Block/Univ. inflat. roof rack $10 $5
Trailer $50 $40