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It's time for Tuesday Night Rides!

Let's ride! Join us again this summer every Tuesday night for a fun, social, no-drop (nobody left behind) road ride. This is a great way to meet other cyclists in the community and get in some miles (as well as some mental health) during the week.

Whether you're new to cycling or a veteran, we encourage you to come join us!  It's best to show up by 5:45, sign our ride waiver, and be ready to roll by 6:00. We’ll split into A, B, and C groups before departing.

C group

The C group averages 12-14 mph over about 20 miles (with a cutoff availabale for a shorter option) and will regroup at various points mid-ride. All bikes are welcome, including road bikes, fat bikes, hybrids, and e-bikes.  This is a conversational pace and very friendly to new riders.  

B group

The B group rides a bit longer to Bayshore park and back (about 25 miles) and averages 16-20 mph.  We'll regroup on the way out to Bayshore, on the way back along Nicolet the ride will typically split into smaller groups depending on pace.  Open to all bikes, but in this group you'll have an easier time on a road, touring, or gravel bike. 

A group

The A group covers about 35 miles, taking a longer route to Bayshore park and averages 18-20+ mph.  This is a more spirited group, and a great chance to test your fitness.  Road bikes are your best bet here.

As always, please observe the rules of the road during this ride. Stop at intersections, be courteous to motorists, communicate with other riders, and be aware!  No bluetooth speakers or headphones are allowed on the ride.  In addition, please bring a mask if you need to enter the shop before or after riding.

Junior riders are welcome, helmets are a must, and smiles are mandatory.  See you soon!