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By boosting confidence and control, the Sportmachine 75W aims to help you become a better skier. Its wider last and softer shell are especially forgiving while its reinforced sole and spine make it easier to initiate turns and transition between them. For a refined fit, its shell and liner can readily be customized. Primaloft insulation keeps feet warm and dry and a dual entry instep makes it remarkably easy to get in and out of the boot. And to create a more neutral stance that improves balance and reduces fatigue, the boot’s cuff can be fine-tuned to cradle the contours of your leg. With an emphasis on progression, the Sportmachine 75W makes skiing easier—and even more comfortable.
Nordica Men's SPEEDMACHINE 110
$399.96 $499.95 20% Savings
The Speedmachine 110 delivers top of the line all mountain performance, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for you. With its fully customizable Infrared Tri-Force shell and 3D cork fit liner design the Speedmachine delivers high performance and precision without sacrificing comfort. This boot was built to take on anything you or the mountain can throw at it. Powerful, comfortable and fun. SPECS: Customization Liner: Yes Oven Customization Customization Shell: INFRARED Soles: 5355 PU (extra sales kit: WTR Gripwalk, Canted lifters) Shell: Bimat PU, Easy-Entry Soft Flap, Waterproofing Weathershield Cuff: Bimat PU (Adult) Footprint: PRECISION FIT PRIMALOFT Liner: 3D CORK FIT PRIMALOFT Buckles: 4 MICRO ALU Powerstrap: 35 MM Canting: DOUBLE FEATURES: Flex: 110 Last: 100 Volume: mid
Blizzard Men's RUSTLER 9
$479.96 $599.95 20% Savings
The Rustler 9 is an all-mountain freeride ski that loves everything the mountain can throw at it. It is founded on two signature concepts, Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist concept: the longer the ski, the wider the waist which gives ambitious freeriders and all-mountain skiers more versatility and float, even on steep terrain. The smooth rocker-camber-rocker profile make it responsive and stable yet super playful in all snow conditions and on any type of terrain. The Rustler 9 is the one-ski quiver for the progressive all-mountain freeride skier.
Blizzard Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti Skis w/ TCX 12 Bindings
$419.97 $699.95 40% Savings
The new Blizzard Quattro 8.0 Ti is a smooth and stable carving ski for the strong intermediate to advanced skier. The 4mm of Tip and Tail Rocker makes the 8.0 Ti highly maneuverable, and perfect for slicing short to medium radius turns down the groomers. Blizzard's IQ Binding System creates a natural and even flex, for a consistent edge hold, no matter how fast you are traveling. The Quattro 8.0 Ti has a Suspension System that increases the amount of rebound the ski has and it will absorb vibrations from firm snow to deliver you a smooth and stable ride that is loaded with energy. The Compound Sidewall Ti Construction increases the torsional strength of the ski to make it more responsive at fast speeds, and provide a strong edge grip on icy trails. - Suspension System - Compound Sidewall Ti Construction - IQ Binding System - 4mm Tip & Tail Rocker
$139.96 $199.95 30% Savings
The design of the Haven provides a soft and playful foundation for stepping up your riding with a focus on ease of use and comfort. The Boa® Coiler lacing system gets you ready to ride in seconds and the Intuition® liner molds to your specific foot shape to give you the comfort you need to progress your riding the to next level.
K2 Youth MISSY SKI Flat ( No binding)
$118.96 $169.95 30% Savings
You can thank this easy-to-ski formula for your little lady shredder’s increased appetite for more blue squares and black diamonds. The Missy is K2’s mini-Luvit, with the same ultra-light composite core and versatile All Terrain Rocker wrapped in forgiving cap construction to make this kids’ ski resilient without bulking it up.
$160.96 - $249.95 $229.95 - $249.95 Up To 36% Savings
Give your grom a leg up on fundamental control and comfort with the Indy – one of K2’s friendliest youth skis. A Catch-Free Rocker makes for smooth, easily initiated turns and a forgiving flex. Keep your family’s ski genes alive by making it fun from the beginning with the Indy.
$299.95 - $299.99
With an eye on progression, the Sportmachine 90 places an emphasis on comfort and control. Its wider last and softer shell are especially forgiving and can accommodate high-volume feet. For a refined fit that enhances performance, the boot’s liner and shell can be fully customized. A dual entry instep makes it especially easy to get in and out of the Sportmachine. To provide a more neutral stance that improves balance and minimizes fatigue, its cuff can be adjusted to better cradle the contours of your calf. And for additional warmth, its liner sports Primaloft insulation. Push your limits in comfort with the Sportmachine 90.
K2 Men's IKONIC 84 (w/ M3 12 TCx LIGHT QUIKCLIK)
$559.96 $699.95 20% Savings

Description & Specs

Every skier craves performance but not every skier wants a super stiff, metal ski. The iKonic 84 strikes the perfect balance between power and finesse, harnessing the power and response of carbon with a lively Fir/Aspen Konic core to deliver a ski that tackles any terrain the resort throws your way.

Rocker Type:
Speed Rocker
Core Construction:
1780g/ski @ 177cm
    Exo-Konic Tech Carbon SpYne Twintech Sidewalls


    TwinTech Sidewalls

    A durable sidewall construction originally developed for twin tip skis that makes the top edges more resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.

Dalbello Women's KYRA 75 SKI BOOT
$279.96 $349.95 20% Savings
The Kyra 75 enables unlimited access to every part of the mountain for intermediate and aspiring intermediate female skiers. The Kyra 75 is targeted toward intermediate and aspiring intermediate female skiers seeking the best blend of versatility, performance, and fit for unlimited access to every part of the mountain. Its 3 Piece Cabrio design includes a ski/walk mode and provides responsive, consistent flex, with superior lateral and rearward support. A 102mm Contour 4 last allows for a close, anatomic fit, while mitigating the hot-spots many skiers encounter. All Kyra models incorporate Dalbello’s women’s specific expandable cuff, with up to 5 cm of adjustability to accommodate any size calf. A modern, Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance centers the skier over the sweet spot of the ski, for more power and control with less effort. Trufit Sport innerboots provide enduring comfort and warmth. -CONSTRUCTION: Cabrio -FLEX: 75 -LAST: 102 mm -MATERIAL: PU/DB Hyperlite -LINER: TF Sport -BUCKLE: FPK-100 Alu - Micro FEATURES: -Cabrio Design -Range of motion of the cuff -Low Cuff Hinge Point -Fit for Women -Contour 4 -Dura-Grip Replaceable Toes / Heels -GripWalk Option -Dynalink heel retention system -Adjustable Rear Cuff Spoiler -Ski & hike mechanism -Flex Control -Aluminum Buckles -Micro buckles -Macro Rack Extension Feature -TF Sport -Flex adjusted -Softer durometer cuff plastics -Reduced volume fitting lasts -Tapered rearfoot fit -Additional insulation -Special women´s low profile geometry cuff -Quick Macro Cuff Rack Extension (Tool Free) -Cuff Volume Expansion -CUFF MOVEMENT (Fore 24°/ Back 9 °)
$319.96 $399.95 20% Savings
TRIED-AND-TRUE PERFORMANCE With an easy-to-use tongue liner, updated metal buckle and the 3-piece DNA upon which Full Tilt is founded, the Classic is the Full Tilt ode to the Flexon days of old. With an approachable Flex 6 Tongue and engaging last, the Classic is the versatile, lightweight boot for every skier. Blast through bumps, arc on hardpack, and ski with confidence in the Full Tilt Classic Ski Boot. 99 LAST The original width shell that your feet love RIBBED TONGUE 100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang! ADJUSTABLE FLEX The boots flex is rated on a simple scale of 1-10 (10=stiffest). Change a boots flex by simply switching the tongue. (Competitors boots require permanent cutting). LATERAL ADJUSTMENT Easy, precise lateral angle adjustment. Original & Soul shell: 12mm Influence Shell: 3mm FORWARD LEAN Tool-less forward angle adjustment. 4mm or 8mm INFINITE PIVOT Unlike traditional designs, the rear cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain and more control. WIDE TRACK BUCKLE Durable aluminum levers with a minimalistic lightweight design. This adjustment mechanism is engineered to increase precision and durability while maintaining on-the-fly, single-handed micro adjustment. J-BAR An additional J-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control. INTUITION All adult boot liners are built using authentic Intuition® closed cell foam. It is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet and shells during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes for a light, warm and super comfortable fit.
$279.96 $349.95 20% Savings
Growlin' around the park and the streets, the LINE Honey Badger Skis hold nothing back. The Honey Badger will tackle whatever you put in front of it. Featuring a new Aspen Veneer™ Core that skis better and lasts longer than the previous iteration, the Honey Badger ain't here to mess around. Dimensions: 120-92-116 Weight: 1660 g Side Cut: 19.5 Avg. m Stance: -30 mm Core Construction: aspen-veneer Features: 5-Cut™ Geometry Symmetric Flex™ Early Rise™ 4D Fibercap™ Construction
Dalbello Womens KYRA 75 SKI BOOT
$244.96 $349.95 30% Savings
The Kyra 75 is targeted toward intermediate and aspiring intermediate female skiers seeking the best blend of versatility, performance, and fit for unlimited access to every part of the mountain. Its 3 Piece Cabrio design includes a ski/walk mode and provides responsive, consistent flex, with superior lateral and rearward support. A 102mm Contour 4 last allows for a close, anatomic fit, while mitigating the hot-spots many skiers encounter. All Kyra models incorporate Dalbello’s women’s specific expandable cuff, with up to 5 cm of adjustability to accommodate any size calf. A modern, Center Balanced “Rocker” Stance centers the skier over the sweet spot of the ski, for more power and control with less effort. Trufit Sport inner boots provide enduring comfort and warmth. CONSTRUCTION: Cabrio FLEX: 75 LAST: 102 mm MATERIAL: PU/DB Hyperlite LINER: TF Sport BUCKLE: F-516 Alu - Micro FEATURES: Cabrio Design Range of motion of the cuff Low Cuff Hinge Point Fit for Women Contour 4 Dura-Grip Replaceable Toes / Heels GripWalk Option Dynalink heel retention system Adjustable Rear Cuff Spoiler Ski & hike mechanism Flex Control Aluminium Buckles Micro buckles Macro Rack Extension Feature TF Sport Flex adjusted Softer durometer cuff plastics Reduced volume fitting lasts Tapered rearfoot fit Additional insulation Special women´s low profile geometry cuff Cuff Volume Expansion
$399.95 - $399.99
The Navigator 75 CA is designed to make skiing truly accessible. Channeling the fun at the heart of our legendary Enforcer skis into a design with a narrower waist, the Navigator 75 CA is the most progressive ski we offer. This construction also provides exceptional edge hold and response while reducing vibrations for a smooth and predictable ride. Its classic, squared-off tail shape further enhances edge hold and makes it even easier to transition between turns while its early rise tip offers versatility in soft snow and readily absorbs bumps. By inspiring confidence and making it is easier to ski, the Navigator 75 CA keeps you smiling. SPECS: Din: 3-10 Plate: FDT FREERIDE PLATE Construction: COMPOSITE WOOD Rocker: ON PISTE ROCKER Core + Key Materials: COMPOSITE WOOD + SIDEWALL
K2 Empress
$179.97 $299.95 40% Savings
The K2 Empress will impress the ladies that are looking for their first set of adult skis or an economical park ski. An Aspen Wood Core has a lively spring to it, but will keep you stable when you want to pick up some speed on a groomer. K2's Jib Rocker has rocker in the tips and tails that increase the maneuverability anywhere on the mountain, and add to the playfulness in the park. The Cap Construction has a little forgiveness to it, while making the Empress a solid ride for any beginner to intermediate skier. Ski Specifications Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: No Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 113/85/104 (@159cm) Tail Profile: Twin Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 17m (@159cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Wood Used: No Metal Layer: None Warranty: One Year Skill Range: Model Year: 2017
K2 Indy w/ Marker Fastrak2 4.5 Bindings
$172.46 $229.95 25% Savings
K2 Toddler and Youth Boys All Mountain Skis Make learning to ski a breeze for your little one with easy turn initiation of Catch-Free Rocker and forgiving flex of the Noodle System. Catch Free Rocker: This elevated tip and tail assures effortless initiation at slow speeds, stability throughout the turn, and a predictable release from the turn. Simply put, Catch-free Rocker provides confidence, control, and ease for developing skiers. Torsion Box: Torsion Box construction is the foundation for the widest range of skis designed by K2. Depending on the dimensions of a ski, and the amount of flex and torsion designed into it, one model of a Torsion Box ski can differ greatly from another. The versatility in the construction enables us to build everything from entry-level through expert skis. While there will be significant differences between skis, they do share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy that can be found in all Torsion Box skis. Cap Construction: Durable and lightweight “cap” skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Used throughout our ski line, cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis’ performance. Features Dimensions: 103/70/91 -System 76-112cm, 105/72/93 -System 124-136cm Sizes: 100, 112, 124, 136, 76, 88 Binding: Fastrack2 4.5 binding Radius: 8m @ 112 Construction: Cap Construction, Torsion Box, Composite Core Features: Noodle Ski System
Blizzard Regulator
$299.97 $499.95 40% Savings
The Blizzard Regulator is a fantastic ski for a wide range of skiers. Blizzard's Flip Core Rocker gives the ski a very natural and lively flex pattern that feels energetic anywhere you will take it on the mountain. A Poplar-Beech Woodcore is very stable at high speeds, but has a little bit of a playful touch that allows you to play in the park, zip through the bumps, or rip a top speed arc down an empty groomer. Blizzard's Sandwich Compound Sidewall increases responsiveness, and drives a hard edge when things start getting a little firm. A 94mm waist skis great in light powder, with a highly maneuverable feeling to really challenge yourself in any terrain. If you want a true one ski quiver, mount up with the Blizzard Regulator. - Flip Core - Sandwich Compound Sidewall - Poplar/Beech Wood Core - 3520g/Pair (@172cm) - Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Marker Griffon - Recommended Brake Size 100-115mm
Volkl Kendo
$419.40 $699.00 40% Savings
The Volkl Kendo is a fantastic ski for skiers looking for stability and power on the mountain. Tip and Tail Rocker with Camber underfoot provides you with a highly maneuverable feeling with quick turn initiation, grip and rebound. A Full Titanal Layer sits above the Multi-Layer Wood Core has developed a reputation to be a crud buster, and stable as can be, no matter how fast you push the ski. Moderate Taper in the tip and tail improve the soft snow skiing ability of the Kendo by not getting caught up in deep snow. A 90mm waist rolls through crud, floats in the light powder, pounds zipper lines through the bumps, and slices medium to long radius turns as you find your adventure on the mountain. - Multi-Layer Wood Core - Moderate Tip and Tail Taper - Full Titanal - Tip and Tail Rocker - 3880g/Pair (@177cm) - Recommended Bindings: Marker Griffon, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Tyrolia Attack 13 - Recommended Brake Size 90-105mm
Nordica NRGY 85
$329.99 $549.99 40% Savings
The new Nordica NRGY 85 skis boast an outstanding lightweight all-mountain performance at 85mm underfoot in all lengths with the exception of the 161cm length at 84mm. The NRGY 85 includes a Poplar Beech Wood Core with Nordica's i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti construction. These skis will add to the confidence of Advanced to Expert skiers on any terrain with all snow types. Skiers will embrace and love the performance enhanced by the All-Mountain CamRock design. Features: - Sidecut: 120/84/104 @161; 121/85/105 @169,177,185 - Radius: 15.5m @161, 17.5m @169, 19.5m @177, 21.5m @185 - Lightweight Poplar Beech Wood Core - i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti Construction - ABS Sidewall Construction - NRGY Tip & Tail Design - All-Mountain CamRock Profile - Skill: Advanced to Expert Skiers
Nordica GT 76 TI Skis W/N Pro P.R. Evo Bindings
The GT series brings a new level of high performance and lightweight versatility to the All Mountain Performance category. Designed for hard snow enthusiasts, these skis offer maximum power and edge grip with the ability to carve through it all effortlessly. From the early morning corduroy to the afternoon crud, the new GT series provides a smith and stable ride wherever you choose to ski.
Marker M7.0 Free - 85mm - Blk
The M 7.0 Free is an ideal binding for smaller youth skiers getting their first ski set-up and offer great value-for money and safety standards incorporating over 60 years of Markers research and development. Din Range: 2-7 Recommended Skier Weight: 24-75kg Stand Height: 18mm Weight (Pair): 1280g
Marker M7.0 EPS - White/Black
Entry-level Junior binding for heavier skiers. Key Features of Marker M 7.0 EPS Ski Bindings: Din Range: 2-7 Boot Sole Compatibility: Alpine (ISO 53355) Recom. Skier Weight: 53-165lbs Stand Height w/o Skis: 18mm Brake Width: 74mm Toe System: Biotech Gliding AFD: Active AFD Step-in-heel: Compact ESP System: Yes
Marker M7.0 EPS - Girls
- DIN range of 2 to 7 accommodates kid and adolescent skiers who are just starting out or moving onto intermediate terrain - Binding works best for skiers between 53-165lb - Edge Pressure System (EPS) ensures that the force between the toe and heel is the same and is effectively transferred to the ski's edge - Biotech toe system accommodates beginners by enabling easy release during backward or twisting falls - Compact step-in heel is lightweight and provides precise release during falls to reduce injury - Anti-Friction Device beneath the forefoot slides easily to facilitate release during falls and unnatural positions - Lightweight plastic construction provides an affordable entry-level binding that's easy to wield on the mountain - 74mm-wide ski brake fits all-mountain beginner skis and helps stop the ski from sliding down the hill
Tecnica Mach1 120
$479.96 $599.95 20% Savings
For advanced to expert skiers the Mach1 120 is the perfect solution for someone that doesn’t want to compromise fit and performance but is looking for a slightly softer flex than the 130 in a medium volume, 100mm last. The proven C.A.S. liner is now joined by the new C.A.S. Shell and C.A.S. Bootboard offering a great out-of-the box fit with amazing customization capabilities. No compromises! Features • Flex: 120 • Volume: 100mm Medium Volume • Liner: C.A.S. UltraFit Pro • Shell: C.A.S. Shell with Quick Instep; C.A.S. Boot board • Closure: 4 Micro Alu; 45mm Powerstrap
Tecnica Cochise 85 Womens
$279.96 $399.95 30% Savings
Ski / hike switch frees upper cuff to work with your stride and makes it easy to hike and walk around the lodge Lightweight Triax shell material is lighter than standard shell material and gives you responsive force on the hill with less fatigue at the end of the day Updated anatomical lower shells give you a great out-of-the-box fit, greater range of motion in walk mode and soft plastic over the instep makes entry and exit a breeze Women's QuadraFit liners offer great fit, comfort and warmth right out of the box 100mm footbed; tech sole compatible (tech soles not included) Skill Level Intermediate Ski Boot Flex Soft Flex Index 85 Ski/Walk Position Yes Liner Material EVA foam Moldable Liner Custom moldable Last Width 100 millimeters Cuff Adjustment Yes Gender Women's
Giro Union MIPS
For the all-mountain freeskier who likes to push the limits, the all-new, low-profile Giro Union MIPS helmet comes fully loaded for your freeriding and resort exploration. - In-mold construction with MIPS technology reduces rotational forces when the helmet gets hit at an angle - In Form 2 fit system with quick-fit vertical tuning adjustment lets you custom fit the helmet for proper positioning on your head - Thermostat Control adjustable venting allows you to tune the airflow instantly with a simple, low-profile control button on the outside of the helmet -Vents keep air flowing around your head to help prevent overheating -Stack Ventilation aligns the helmet with the center vent of your goggles to help to keep them clear and free of fog while maintaining total helmet and goggles integration -Liner with XT2 natural antimicrobial technology uses silver to provide odor protection for the life of the helmet - Compatible with aftermarket giro audio systems by Outdoor Tech (not included) - Seamless compatibility with all Giro goggles (goggles not included) - Complies with CE EN 1077 alpine ski and snowboard helmet safety standards
Giro Nine MIPS
$100.00 - $120.00
For more than a decade, The Nine has been a staple in the Giro line and is the product that started it all in performance snow helmets. Defined by its lightweight, low profile and streamlined silhouette, it features Thermostat Control vents plus all the functional features that have made it one of Giro’s most enduring and popular designs. Construction: In-Mold Construction Fit System: In Form Fit System & Vertical Tuning Ventilation: Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting Ventilation: Super Cool Vents Ventilation: Stack Ventilation Compatible with all aftermarket Giro audio systems Seamless Compatibility with all Giro goggles Compliance: ASTM F2040-11/CE EN1077 Sizes: S (52-55.5cm), M (55.5-59cm), L (59-62.5cm), XL (62.5-65cm)
Giro Discord
The Discord Helmet features Giro's revolutionary Softshell construction that maximizes comfort without hindering safety. Softshell construction utilizes Vinyl Nitrile—a flexible yet impact-absorbing material—to provide form-fitting comfort that meets the standards of CE EN1077, the safety certification for most snow helmets. Two layers of VN foam give the liner plenty of cush that manages high- and low-energy impacts in a wide range of temperatures. Giro's Discord also features an Auto Loc 2 adjustability system for a secure fit, a Thermostat switch that closes the Super Cool vents, and removable ear pads for three-season comfort. Giro audio compatibility lets you install Giro audio systems (sold separately), and the removable goggle retainer secures your goggles. - Softshell construction - Auto Loc 2 adjustability - Super Cool vents with Thermostat Control - Removable ear pads - Giro audio compatibility - Removable goggle retainer
Giro Fade MIPS
The Fade MIPS is lightweight and comfortable thanks to a host of features including the In Form Fit System and Thermostat Control adjustable venting. You’ll appreciate the details, from the earpads (which are compatible with aftermarket Giro audio systems by Outdoor Tech) to Seamless Compatibility with all Giro goggles. Fade MIPS is also equipped with the Multi-directional Impact Protection System which can provide more protection in certain impacts. - Designed Specifically For Women - Womens Design Earpad Detailing - Compatible With Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech - Seamless Compatibility With All Giro Goggles
Giro Era
The Era MIPS from Giro is a simple and fashionable helmet that offers extra protection from unusual crashes. MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) allows an inner liner that can rotate inside the shell of the helmet. The low friction liner absorbs energy instead of allowing it to transfer to your head. The Era MIPS has a seamless integration with any Giro Goggle for a cool look, without any gaper gap. Thermostat Control over the Super Cool Vents allows you to regulate the airflow into the helmet by pulling warm air and moisture out through the back of the helmet, while cool air enters through the front. Giro's In Form Fit System gives you up to 6cm of adjustment for a perfect fit. If you are looking for a great helmet that is loaded with style, and offers a little extra protection, the Giro Era MIPS makes the perfect choice. - MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) - In Form Fit System - Thermostat Control - Vertical Tuning - Super Cool Vents - Stack Venting - Women Specific Design - Women Design Ear Pads - Seamless Compatibility with Giro Goggles SM-52-55.5cm MED-55.5-59cm
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