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Ski Bindings

Marker M7.0 EPS - Girls
- DIN range of 2 to 7 accommodates kid and adolescent skiers who are just starting out or moving onto intermediate terrain - Binding works best for skiers between 53-165lb - Edge Pressure System (EPS) ensures that the force between the toe and heel is the same and is effectively transferred to the ski's edge - Biotech toe system accommodates beginners by enabling easy release during backward or twisting falls - Compact step-in heel is lightweight and provides precise release during falls to reduce injury - Anti-Friction Device beneath the forefoot slides easily to facilitate release during falls and unnatural positions - Lightweight plastic construction provides an affordable entry-level binding that's easy to wield on the mountain - 74mm-wide ski brake fits all-mountain beginner skis and helps stop the ski from sliding down the hill
Look Look Pivot 12 Dual WTR B95
Dual Standard concept allows quick, easy adjustment between both Walk to Ride (WTR) rockered soles and Alpine standard boot soles Reinforced full-action toepiece with a classic Pivot turntable heel delivers maximum power transmission and shock absorption with reliable retention and consistent release Pivot 12 WTR B95 bindings are best suited for all-mountain skis with a waist of 85 - 95mm DIN setting of 4 - 12 is ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers
Look SPX 10 B100 - Black
The all-new SPX heelpiece combined with our reinforced Full Action toe delivers the industry's strongest coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission, precision, and control. Featuring the longest elastic travel on the market, SPX bindings also provide superior shock absorption, reducing unwanted pre-release for dependable, trustworthy alpine performance. And with a substantial reduction in weight, reduced ramp angles for a more neutral, upright stance, and improved step-in/step-out functionality, the SPX offers less fatiguing, more user-friendly alpine performance for committed all-mountain, freeride, and freestyle skiers. Features Full Action Toe: Delivers more power with enhanced steering and control. Oversize Heel Pivot: The oversize heel pivot delivers increased coupling strength (boot-binding interface) for more efficient and powerful energy transmission to the edge of the ski. Elastic Travel: More elastic travel results in more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings boast the most lateral travel before release and the fastest re-centering, delivering superior shock absorption and reducing unwanted pre-release. Multi Directional Release: All the LOOK bindings have a 3D multidirectional release which reduces the risk of injury in all the different cases of fall, even the combined ones. In addition, the boot sole is always under a constant pressure : this provides a better control and a better stablity when the skier drives his skis. Open Binding: Traditional screw-mounted bindings are compatible with any "flat" alpine ski on the market. Light Weight: LOOK designs lightweight bindings featuring the highest-levels of retention and release that make skiing and carrying your skis easier, without compromising on safety. Additional Features Elastic Travel – 27 mm Ramp° – 0.5° DIN - 3-10
Marker 11.0 TPC EPS
The Marker 11.0 TC EPS Bindings are a classic binding that will work for nearly any beginner-intermediate skier. Features: - Intelligent Backward Release - Triple Pivot Comfort Toe - Twin Cam Heel - AFD Gliding Plate - DIN: 3-11 - Recommended Skiers Weight: 65-240 lbs.
Marker Griffon ID - 110mm
Features: - SOLE ID: Compatible with any boot ISO 5355 (Alpine) & ISO 9523 (AT) - Triple Pivot Elite Toe - Inter Pivot Heel - AFD Gliding Plate - DIN: 4-13
Marker SQUIRE 11 ID
The new Squire 11 ID suits intermediate and lighter weight advanced skiers looking for great power transmission in a very lightweight freeride binding. The Triple Pivot Light Toe and Hollow Linkage Heel make the binding compact as well as sturdy. It's SOLE.ID technology allows the shop to adjust the binding to accommodate either AT or Alpine boot sole norms. This gives the skier the ultimate flexibility and allows them to choose a boot with easy to walk soles like GripWalk, to make it easier and (and more fun!) to walk in ski boots. Available in 3 color combinations. Whatever boot you wear, all Marker SOLE.ID bindings are compatible with every kind of ski boot! Whether you prefer alpine boots or boots with a touring sole, with SOLE.ID the bindings can be adjusted in seconds. The secret is the height-adjustable gliding plate; easy to handle and of course providing uncompromising performance. SOLE.ID respects ISO 5355 (alpine boots) and ISO 9523 (boots with touring soles).
Marker 11.0 TP SKI BINDING
The new 11.0 TP gives intermediate through advanced skiers a lightweight, high performing binding with incredible versatility. The Triple Pivot Compact toe has a horizontal spring providing low swing weight and more available comfort with GripWalk boot sole compatibility. The TCX light heel pieces are easy to step into thanks to Twincam technology. GripWalk contains a new co-polymer sole with rocker profile. The convex shape and ribbed tread of the rubber add a lot of walking comfort and provide a much better grip. Still, integrated pads made of stiff and rigid materials, guarantee great power transmission and precise release function of the binding.
Marker M7.0 Free - 85mm - Blk
The M 7.0 Free is an ideal binding for smaller youth skiers getting their first ski set-up and offer great value-for money and safety standards incorporating over 60 years of Markers research and development. Din Range: 2-7 Recommended Skier Weight: 24-75kg Stand Height: 18mm Weight (Pair): 1280g
Marker M7.0 EPS - White/Black
Entry-level Junior binding for heavier skiers. Key Features of Marker M 7.0 EPS Ski Bindings: Din Range: 2-7 Boot Sole Compatibility: Alpine (ISO 53355) Recom. Skier Weight: 53-165lbs Stand Height w/o Skis: 18mm Brake Width: 74mm Toe System: Biotech Gliding AFD: Active AFD Step-in-heel: Compact ESP System: Yes
Marker Griffon ID - 90mm
Features: - SOLE ID: Compatible with any boot ISO 5355 (Alpine) & ISO 9523 (AT) - Triple Pivot Elite Toe - Inter Pivot Heel - AFD Gliding Plate - DIN: 4-13
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