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K2 Indy w/ Marker Fastrak2 4.5 Bindings
$172.46 $229.95 25% Savings
K2 Toddler and Youth Boys All Mountain Skis Make learning to ski a breeze for your little one with easy turn initiation of Catch-Free Rocker and forgiving flex of the Noodle System. Catch Free Rocker: This elevated tip and tail assures effortless initiation at slow speeds, stability throughout the turn, and a predictable release from the turn. Simply put, Catch-free Rocker provides confidence, control, and ease for developing skiers. Torsion Box: Torsion Box construction is the foundation for the widest range of skis designed by K2. Depending on the dimensions of a ski, and the amount of flex and torsion designed into it, one model of a Torsion Box ski can differ greatly from another. The versatility in the construction enables us to build everything from entry-level through expert skis. While there will be significant differences between skis, they do share the common traits of ease, forgiveness, responsiveness, and energy that can be found in all Torsion Box skis. Cap Construction: Durable and lightweight “cap” skis are built by a sophisticated molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials with the top layer of the ski. Used throughout our ski line, cap constructions can be assembled with a variety of different cores. These variations, such as glass and/or metal materials, are the determining factors of the skis’ performance. Features Dimensions: 103/70/91 -System 76-112cm, 105/72/93 -System 124-136cm Sizes: 100, 112, 124, 136, 76, 88 Binding: Fastrack2 4.5 binding Radius: 8m @ 112 Construction: Cap Construction, Torsion Box, Composite Core Features: Noodle Ski System
Nordica GT 76 TI Skis W/N Pro P.R. Evo Bindings
The GT series brings a new level of high performance and lightweight versatility to the All Mountain Performance category. Designed for hard snow enthusiasts, these skis offer maximum power and edge grip with the ability to carve through it all effortlessly. From the early morning corduroy to the afternoon crud, the new GT series provides a smith and stable ride wherever you choose to ski.
Nordica NRGY 85
$329.99 $549.99 40% Savings
The new Nordica NRGY 85 skis boast an outstanding lightweight all-mountain performance at 85mm underfoot in all lengths with the exception of the 161cm length at 84mm. The NRGY 85 includes a Poplar Beech Wood Core with Nordica's i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti construction. These skis will add to the confidence of Advanced to Expert skiers on any terrain with all snow types. Skiers will embrace and love the performance enhanced by the All-Mountain CamRock design. Features: - Sidecut: 120/84/104 @161; 121/85/105 @169,177,185 - Radius: 15.5m @161, 17.5m @169, 19.5m @177, 21.5m @185 - Lightweight Poplar Beech Wood Core - i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti Construction - ABS Sidewall Construction - NRGY Tip & Tail Design - All-Mountain CamRock Profile - Skill: Advanced to Expert Skiers
Nordica Sentra 3 Evo w/ N ADV P.R. Bindings
$299.99 $499.99 40% Savings
Balance, confidence, versatility and support—those are the watchwords of the SENTRA 3, a ski system specially designed to help recreational skiers go anywhere on the mountain. With just the right amount of early rise rocker for easy turn initiation and an EVO plate for improved control, this is the perfect mix of fun and performance. Sidecut: 152cm: 130/78/108, radius: 12m
K2 Pinnacle 95
$419.97 $699.95 40% Savings
The K2 Pinnacle 95 Skis allow you to ski fast all over the mountain with confidence and control. Their 17m radius shape allow you to vary your turn shape between long and short radius turns in soft and hard snow making them a real freeride, all-mountain performance ski that excels anywhere and in any conditions. The new K2 Konic Technology features a lightweight Nanolite centre core construction that makes maneuverability and control, super easy and the wood and metal laminate outer core along the perimiter of the ski, engages all the power, strength and stability to the edge. Specifications: Shape: Long Slow Rise Rocker in the nose, camber underfoot and Low rocker through the tail. Turn Radius: 17m Waist Width: 95mm @184cm Dimensions: 132-95-115mm Terrain: Park 0% / Piste 60% / Powder 40% Stiffness: 7/10 Base: Sintered Dimensions shown are for 184cm length Features: · Long Slow Rise Tip - Designed to float through soft and varied snow conditions and the Tapered Powder focused Tips are designed to strike the perfect balance of predictability and quick turning. · NANOlite Technology- A Revolutionary core construction featuring a super-light, low density aerospace grade composite material in the centre of the ski for added ease and control. Reduced weight, yet the same power strength and stability found in wood and metal cores. · Tapered Tip and Tail – Tapering the tip moves the widest part of the contact point further back which reduces tip weight and chatter in soft and variable snow conditions. The tapered tail allows more control as you exit the turn.
K2 Pinnacle 88
$359.97 $599.95 40% Savings
The new K2 Pinnacle 88 is a lightweight, very versatile ski for the strong intermediate to expert skier that will be spending most of their time on the groomers, but will head off trail into the off piste terrain from time to time. An 88mm waist floats in light powder, pounds through the bumps, and carves nice and smooth turns on the frontside. K2's Fir-Nanolite Core uses wood and low-density aerospace grade composites that run right through the middle of the ski for a very low swingweight. All-Terrain Rocker uses rocker in the tip and tail for extra flotation, vibration absorption, and easy turning, especially when you want to make zipper tight turns down a bump field. Taper in the tip and tail prevent you from getting caught up in deep snow for the occasional powder day. - Konic Technology - Fir-Nanolite Core - All-Terrain Rocker - Tapered Tip and Tail -3700g/Pair (@184cm) - Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Marker Griffon - Recommended Brake Size 90-110mm
K2 Empress
$179.97 $299.95 40% Savings
The K2 Empress will impress the ladies that are looking for their first set of adult skis or an economical park ski. An Aspen Wood Core has a lively spring to it, but will keep you stable when you want to pick up some speed on a groomer. K2's Jib Rocker has rocker in the tips and tails that increase the maneuverability anywhere on the mountain, and add to the playfulness in the park. The Cap Construction has a little forgiveness to it, while making the Empress a solid ride for any beginner to intermediate skier. Ski Specifications Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: No Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 113/85/104 (@159cm) Tail Profile: Twin Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 17m (@159cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Wood Used: No Metal Layer: None Warranty: One Year Skill Range: Model Year: 2017
K2 Luv Struck 80 w/ Marker ER3 10 TCX Bindings
$419.97 $699.95 40% Savings
The K2 Luv Struck 80 is an awesome ski for the strong intermediate to advanced skier. The Luv Struck 80 has the BioFlex Core that is women's specific that use aspen wood in the center of the ski for strength and stability underfoot, with lightweight paulownia in the tips and tails that offer up easy steering and control. K2's Channel Light Core is again only found in K2's women's skis that use hollow channels that run through the length of the ski to lower the total weight, and prevent fatigue. Hybritech Sidewalls drive a strong edge into firm snow, while maintaining a high amount of maneuverability. To round out the perfect package for the Luc Struck 80 is the All-Terrain Rocker that eases turn initiation, and rebound on the frontside of the mountain. BioFlex Core, Channel Light Core, Hybritech Sidewalls, All-Terrain Rocker, Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 121/80/109 (@156cm) , Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 14m (@163cm) , Warranty: One Year
K2 Luvit 76 w/ Marker ER3 10 Bindings
$299.97 $499.95 40% Savings
The LuvIt 76 from K2 is a perfect ski for the true beginner to intermediate skier that is looking for a lightweight ski that is easy to control. All-Terrain Rocker will allow you to initiate a turn with little effort, and give you more control over your skis. A Composite Core is light and forgiving enough for the beginner to learn with, but Hybritech Sidewalls provide you with grip on the snow, and make the LuvIt 76 sturdy enough for the solid intermediate to have control and responsiveness. Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: Marker ERP 10 Binding DIN: 2.5-10 Binding Weight Range: 65-220 lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 120/76/105 (@156cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 14m (@163cm) Construction Type: Cap/Sidewall Core Material: Composite Used: No Metal Layer: None Warranty: One Year Skill Range: Model Year: 2017
K2 Konic 76 w/ Marker M3 10 Bindings
$299.97 $499.95 40% Savings
The K2 Konic 76 is a perfect ski for the true beginner skier up to that solid intermediate. A Composite Core has a very lightweight and forgiving touch to it that will allow you to learn and progress your skills. K2's Konic Technology pulls the heavier construction away from the center of the ski that makes it easier to maneuver. Hybritech Sidewall Construction uses a slight cap construction over the tips and tails for even easier control, and a vertical sidewall underfoot will provide you with a grip on the snow. K2's All-Terrain Rocker shortens up the learning curve by having a little bit of rocker in the tip for easy turn initiation, and camber underfoot for a grip on the snow. If you are looking for a ski that will feel light on your feet and be easy for you to control, the K2 Konic 76 will be a great option for you.
Nordica Mens ENFORCER 100 SKI
$562.46 - $749.99 $749.95 - $749.99 Up To 25% Savings
Armed with no shortage of accolades, the Enforcer 100 offers legendary all mountain performance—and plenty of smiles. For a ride that’s especially smooth and stable, it pairs a full wood core with two sheets of metal. In addition to dampening vibrations, this enhances stability and response. And for greater floatation in soft snow and to boost confidence in variable conditions, it features early rise tip and tail rocker with traditional camber under foot. Simply put, this creates a modern design that allows you to ski how you want—where you want. Smooth, powerful, and playful, the Enforcer 100 is up for anything.
K2 Poacher
$299.97 - $499.95 $499.95 Up To 40% Savings
The new K2 Poacher is an awesome ride for any skier looking for versatility on and off piste, or tearing up the park. The Poacher uses a Double Barrel Construction has a denser fir wood core on the extremities, and a softer aspen wood in the center for a very low swingweight for easier maneuvering and floating sick 9's over the cat track. A Carbon Boost Braid has braided carbon over the fore body and tail for extra pop and rebound. The Poacher has a 96mm waist that makes for a great landing platform when you stomp something huge, but it also gives you great flotation and stability in the soft snow. TwinTech Sidewalls are highly durable to reduce the chances of damage on rails or ski on ski contact. All-Terrain Rocker only adds to the maneuverability and playfulness of this all mountain twin that can truly head anywhere on the mountain. - Double Barrel Construction - Carbon Boost Braid - TwinTech Sidewalls - All-Terrain Rocker - Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look Pivot 12, Marker Griffon - Recommended Brake Size 100-115mm
$374.96 $499.95 25% Savings
A Clayton Vila and Sean Jordan collaboration, the Poacher is K2's flagship tool of choice to for urban rail missions, park wu-tangs, or spring slush. A durable freestyle player both in the park and beyond, this stick has a Carbon Boost Braid and stiff flex profile for the added responsiveness you need to attack any feature. Metal rivets and a blended Double Barrel Core improve both durability and liveliness.
Nordica Womens SENTRA 2 (FDT) SKI
If you are searching for freedom and fun on the slopes, we’ve got your dream match. The SENTRA 2 FDT makes it easy to ski any condition with versatility and confidence. Specially designed for females who want a ski that is stable and forgiving, the Sentra 2 is sure to elevate your on-snow experience.
K2 Youth JUVY SKI Flat (No binding)
The K2 Juvy gives the next generation of shredders the confidence to run fast while their all-mountain imaginations run wild. An ultra-light composite core and forgiving, molded cap construction make for a full day of fun for your little one.
K2 Luv Bug Kids Skis w/ Marker Fastrak2 4.5 Binding
$172.46 - $187.46 $229.95 - $249.95 Up To 25% Savings
Your little Love Bug will enjoy the K2 Luv Bug! It is perfect for the beginner to intermediate young lady who is ready to hit the slopes or start improving. K2's Catch Free Rocker will allow her to push out a snowplow with ease, skid turns as she learns to carve, and initiate turns easier if she is ready to parallel turn. The Composite Core and Cap Construction is very forgiving for the lighter weight skier to have control and gain confidence. Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain Bindings Included: Yes What Binding is Included?: Marker Fastrak2 4.5 Binding DIN: .75-4.5 Binding Weight Range: 25-109 lbs. Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 96/70/86 (@124cm) Tail Profile: Flared Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 8.5m (@112cm) Construction Type: Cap Core Material: Composite Used: No Metal Layer: None Warranty: One Year
Nordica Mens GT 75 EVO (ADV P.R. EVO) SKI
The GT 75 is built for intermediate recreational skiers looking to enjoy the mountain with confidence; a smooth ride that can handle a wide variety of terrain and conditions. ENERGY FRAME CA WOOD technology ensure maximum control, easy turn initiation and a forgiving feel that set this ski apart.
Blizzard Regulator
$349.96 $499.95 30% Savings
The Blizzard Regulator is a fantastic ski for a wide range of skiers. Blizzard's Flip Core Rocker gives the ski a very natural and lively flex pattern that feels energetic anywhere you will take it on the mountain. A Poplar-Beech Woodcore is very stable at high speeds, but has a little bit of a playful touch that allows you to play in the park, zip through the bumps, or rip a top speed arc down an empty groomer. Blizzard's Sandwich Compound Sidewall increases responsiveness, and drives a hard edge when things start getting a little firm. A 94mm waist skis great in light powder, with a highly maneuverable feeling to really challenge yourself in any terrain. If you want a true one ski quiver, mount up with the Blizzard Regulator. - Flip Core - Sandwich Compound Sidewall - Poplar/Beech Wood Core - 3520g/Pair (@172cm) - Recommended Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 13, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Marker Griffon - Recommended Brake Size 100-115mm
Volkl Kendo
$419.40 $699.00 40% Savings
The Volkl Kendo is a fantastic ski for skiers looking for stability and power on the mountain. Tip and Tail Rocker with Camber underfoot provides you with a highly maneuverable feeling with quick turn initiation, grip and rebound. A Full Titanal Layer sits above the Multi-Layer Wood Core has developed a reputation to be a crud buster, and stable as can be, no matter how fast you push the ski. Moderate Taper in the tip and tail improve the soft snow skiing ability of the Kendo by not getting caught up in deep snow. A 90mm waist rolls through crud, floats in the light powder, pounds zipper lines through the bumps, and slices medium to long radius turns as you find your adventure on the mountain. - Multi-Layer Wood Core - Moderate Tip and Tail Taper - Full Titanal - Tip and Tail Rocker - 3880g/Pair (@177cm) - Recommended Bindings: Marker Griffon, Salomon STH WTR 13, Look SPX 12, Tyrolia Attack 13 - Recommended Brake Size 90-105mm
Nordica Belle 84
$329.99 $549.99 40% Savings
For hard-charging women who seek the perfect balance of lightness and performance, the Nordica Belle 84 was designed from the ground up with the specific needs of women in mind. The Belle 84 features a wood core designed to reduce weight and stiffness making these skis nimble and stable. The Belle 84 delivers what women want in an all mountain ski: lightness, versatility and performance. Technology: Balsa Core CA construction CamRock All mountain rocker
Blizzard Mens BONAFIDE SKI
The all-new Bonafide features new shapes that up this perennial favorites game making it more versatile than ever. New sidecuts and rocker profiles make them easier to ski, while the proven Carbon Flipcore™ with two sheets of metal makes them calm, confident and powerful. Attack the mountain in powder, crud, groomers or rock hard snow and feel the precision and exhilaration that athletes and testers rave about. Try for yourself to see what the hype is all about. You won't regret it.
Blizzard Womens BLACK PEARL 88 SKI
The best-selling ski in the country, the black pearl 88 is all-new for 2017-18 featuring new shapes that make this versatile ski even more fun on any terrain or in any conditions. At 88mm underfoot, and with a women’s specific construction - Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. - the Black Pearl 88 performs on groomers, in the trees, through bumps and in powder. Its lightweight construction, early rise tip and tail, and camber underfoot make this ski a go-to for ripping female skiers as well as those looking for the confidence to up their game. See for yourself the fun this ski dishes out on a daily basis.
K2 Luv 75 w/ Marker ERP 10 Bindings
$299.96 $399.95 25% Savings
As the most forgiving, easy-to-maneuver women’s ski in the collection, the K2 Luv 75 features softly rounded tips and tails with a Catch Free Rocker profile to encourage every turn from the point of initiation all the way through the release. The lightweight construction and thinner profile keeps skier legs fresh and ready to take on more runs throughout the day. Radius: 14m @ 163 Construction: Torsion Box, Cap Konstruktion Binding Options: Marker K2 / ER3 10.0 Features: Torsion Box, Cap Construction Baseline: Catch-Free Rocker Dimensions: 115/75/106
K2 Women's SECRET LUV (w/ ER3 10 TCx)

Description & Specs

The performance of the K2 Secret Luv won't remain a secret for long. Built with our Aspen Light BioKonic core and Hybritech sidewalls on a user-friendly Catch Free rocker profile, these skis deliver the best of both worlds—performance that's also easy to turn—for ladies who skill sets have evolved from basic to intermediate and beyond.

Binding Option:
K2/Marker ER3 10 Compact Quikclik
Rocker Type:
Catch Free Rocker
Core Construction:
Composite Core


    BIOkonic Technology

    The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass women's specific skis and we've done it again with our latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic Technology. The goal for the Alliance was the create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers.

    Our Alliance and R&D crew have taken a Women’s First Design approach to the development of BIOkonic technology. The concept is simple, taking the BIOlogical approach to how women ski. It doesn’t mean just taking a men’s ski and moving the mounting point forward; it’s a holistic approach to the overall design of the ski, matching the shape, flex profile and material distribution to the needs of female skiers. Moreover, BIOkonic technology allows us to optimize these attributes throughout all sizes of each model, ensuring that all women can benefit from BIOkonic. We are taking it back to basics and delivering on what women want; an energetic and consistent feel coupled with performance and precision to ensure the ultimate skiing experience.

    BioKonic Core

    The optimization of materials and flex profile, placing heavier, dense materials over the edges of the ski where they have the most impact on performance, while guaranteeing optimized flex on every size from smallest to longest.

    Stance Forward

    The overall shape and sidecut of the ski are optimized to fit perfectly with the suggested mid-sole, ensuring a perfectly balanced ski.

    Hybrid Sidewall Construction

    Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and performance while the capped regions reduce overall ski weight and ease turn initiation and finish

K2 Press
$179.97 $299.95 40% Savings
The K2 Press Skis are a beefed up cap construction ski that performs excellent on trail, as well as the park. Directional Sidecut and a Park Flex Pattern generates a forgiving, maneuverable feel, making them ideal for lighter weight skiers that want to send it all over the mountain and start to figure out some tricks and spins in the park. Twin Tails facilitate a progressive style of riding. Rails, Jumps, Groomers, even trees, the K2 Press is a sick option for younger rippers out there looking to progress their skiing. Construction Cap Construction - A lightweight durable construction that makes the Press easy to maneuver, both on the snow and in the air. Triaxial Braid - An exclusive K2 technology that interlocks fiberglass strands around the ski's wood core, resulting in phenomenal torsional rigidity without effecting the skis flex pattern. Core Aspen - A full wood core gives the skis durability, stability and a consistent flex, whether you're sliding rails or cruising on groomers. Shape Jib Rocker - 20% Rocker / 80% Flat - A playful rocker shape that incorporates a rockered tip and tail with a flat zone under binding. The flat zone provides solid edge hold on hard snow, while the rockered areas are ideal for freestyle presses, butters and added float when conditions soften up. Additional Awesomeness Tip and Tail Hardware - Tip and tail protectors that help prevent against de-laming and tip/tail separation, from harsh terrain park abuse. Park Flex-Pattern Binding The K2 Press does not come with a binding. We recommend you use a binding that will accommodate your skiing needs (backcountry, touring, all-mountain, freestyle etc.). Be sure the brake width and release settings will work for your particular activity. Core Material: Full Wood • Profile: Rocker/Flat/Rocker • Gender: Mens • Tip Width: 113 mm • Waist Width: 85 mm • Tail Width: 104 mm • Tail Shape: Twin / Rockered Tail • Radius: 20 m @ 169 cm • Ability Level: Beginner to Advanced • Binding: None • Warranty: 1 Year • Offered Sizes: 149, 159, 169, 179 cm • Model Year: 2017

Description & Specs

It started with that one flat box in the terrain park. Next thing you knew, your grom was queuing up for first chair and spinning 360's just like their favorite pro. Make sure the quality of their equipment matches their enthusiasm for the sport by getting them on the Poacher Jr., K2's grom sized twin tip with a full wood core and bomber DuraCap construction. Big ski dreams deserve big ski quality.

Rocker Type:
All-Terrain Rocker
Core Construction:
Aspen Core
960g/ski @ 139cm
Cap Construction Full Height Twin Tip Full Wood Core Swap Base


Cap Construction

A molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. Cap skis are generally lighter weight and more forgiving.

Swap Base

Two different colorways on the base keep your skis unique from your friend's.

K2 Men's PINNACLE 85
$399.95 - $399.99
Fun, versatile and balanced, the K2 Pinnacle 85 Skis are ideal for taking your skiing above and beyond. The Konic aspen wood core has a low swing weight for a nimble ride that is forgiving and playful, while the Hybritech sidewalls protect the sensitive areas of the ski and provide bite and precision underfoot. Open up the mountain and heighten your skiing fun this winter on the K2 Pinnacle 85 Skis. Product Details: Rocker Type: All-Terrain Rocker – Designed for all ability levels, All-Terrain Rocker adds versatility and ease in all snow conditions. This profile features an elevated tip and tail for variable and soft snow performance, as well as camber underfoot for power, energy, and edgehold in firmer conditions. Shape: Tapered Tip/Tail – A design feature that shifts the contact points with the snow towards the midsole of the ski, reducing deflection in the tip and easing turn release in the tail. Core: Konic Technology – Revolutionary core design that redistributes weight to the ski's perimeter providing power, strength, and stability directly over the edge for performance, while reducing swing-weight by removing mass from the center and extremities for added ease and control. 5% reduction in weight but a 15% reduction in swing weight. Aspen – Lightweight and resilient, great all-around material. Sidewalls: Hybritech Sidewalls – Blending a sidewall construction underfoot with a full cap construction in the extremities. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power and performance while the capped regions reduce overall ski weight and ease turn initiation and finish. Binding Compatibility: We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width. Specs: Terrain:All-Mountain More Skis:No Bindings Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced More Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/Rocker More Turning Radius:Short More Core/Laminates:Wood Tail Type:Flat More Series:Pinnacle Warranty:1 Year
K2 Men's KONIC 75 (w/ M2 10 QUIKCLIK)

Description & Specs

The K2 Konic 75 is designed for those that are ready to ditch the rental game and get on a ski that skis well on the entire mountain. Its Catch Free Rocker camber profile allows for easy turn initiation and ultra smooth edge-to-edge transitions, and its Duracap construction provide season after season durability. We also utilize our Konic technology on this ski to ensure performance and handling typically found only in higher price point models.

Rocker Type:
Catch Free Rocker
Core Construction:
1575g/ski @ 170cm
DuraCap Construction Konic Technology


Cap Construction

A molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. Cap skis are generally lighter weight and more forgiving.

Konic Technology - All-Mountain

K2 Konic technology is a revolutionary ski design that a re-distributes mass in the ski, placing heavier and stiffer materials directly over the edge where they have the most impact on ski performance. This results in a ski with increased precision and high end power while retaining a large sweet spot.


Description & Specs

The iKonic 80 is perfect for skiers who want a quick turning, nimble ski, primed for resort exploring missions. Ski bell-to-bell on this agile and versatile all-mountains ski thanks to K2's Konic technology. Dense wood over the edges of the ski provides stability and control while lighter aspen wood in the center of the ski's core eliminates unnecessary weight delivering a responsive and secure ride.

Rocker Type:
Speed Rocker
Core Construction:
1700g/ski @ 177cm
    Exo-Konic Tech Triaxial Braid Twintech Sidewalls


Triaxally Braided Construction

K2’s patented Triaxial braiding process interlocks strands of fiberglass around a profiled core for increased torsional stiffness while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood cored ski.

TwinTech Sidewalls

A durable sidewall construction originally developed for twin tip skis that makes the top edges more resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.


Description & Specs

When you're ready to ditch the rental gear and get down to business on the slopes, the First Luv provides the durability and performance needed to take your skiing to the next level. K2's Catch Free Rocker profile makes turn initiation and release a breeze.

Rocker Type:
Catch Free Rocker
1350g/ski @ 156cm
    Bio-Konic Core DuraCap Construction
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