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The most durable canoe in Wenonah’s extensive family, the Southfork is ideal for fisherman, sportsmen, camps, outfitters and people who demand rugged construction without sacrificing performance. The Southfork’s exceptional stability gives even first-time paddlers confidence and security. There is plenty of capacity for gear and it paddles well loaded or empty. Manufactured in Wenonah’s super durable Three-Phase-Rotomold (TPR) polyethylene. Made in U.S.A. DIMENSIONS: Length:15' 8" (477.52cm) Gunwale Width: 36.5" (92.71cm) Maximum Width: 36.5" (92.71cm) Waterline Width: 35" (88.9cm) Stern Depth: 21" (53.34cm) Center Depth: 13.75" (34.925cm) Bow Depth: 23" (58.42cm) Rocker: 2" (5.08cm)
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