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All-Mountain Snowboards

K2 Lime Lite
$279.97 - $399.95 $399.95 Up to 30% Off
The Alliance’s co-pilot for taking a freestyle approach to the entire resort. Carbon Torque Forks and camber between the feet aid in pop and stability, and a Rhythm Core with rocker in the tip and tail keep the Lime Lite board fun, forgiving, and predictable. - Twin Combination Camber Baseline - Rhythm Core - Biax Glass - Carbon Torque Forks - Sintered 4000 Base - 2x4 Inserts
K2 Raygun
$279.97 - $399.95 $399.95 - $399.99 Up to 30% Off
Flat Between the Inserts for Easy-Turning, Edge-to-Edge Goodness The Raygun offers premium tech without the price tag. Flat between the inserts for easy turning, edge-to-edge goodness, the Raygun comes packed with a lightweight Aspen Core and ten tip-to-tail carbon stringers to give you that "just right" combination of flex, responsiveness, and snap. Point the K2 Raygun at any feature on the mountain—the award-winning design and stout construction of this all-mountain snowboard will give you the confidence to take on any terrain from peak to park. We gave the Raygun a directional twin shape and a Rocker Profile that is flat in between the bindings with the perfect amount of rocker just outside the bindings, giving it superior handling in powder and top-end maneuverability on all terrain. The aspen core is lightweight, snappy, and durable for popping off side hits and jumps, and is sandwiched in between two layers of ICG 10 Biax Fiberglass with tip-to-tail carbon stringers for stability and edge hold on steeps or at high speeds. The flex of the Raygun gives it a playful feeling that's perfect for progressing in the park, and the Extruded 2000 base is low maintenance and can take a beating while remaining nimble and lightweight. For accessing new terrain and pushing your progression all over the entire mountain, the K2 Raygun is an all-mountain snowboard that's quick on the draw. - Directional - Rocker - Extruded 2000 Base - Aspen snowboard Core - ICG Carbon Glass - 5/10 Flex
K2 Standard
$258.97 - $369.95 $369.95 Up to 30% Off
The Ultimate Jumping Off Point for Any New Rider From your first linked turns to your first lap through the park, the K2 Standard was built to keep you progressing and testing your limits. Why choose the K2 Standard as your all-mountain progression tool? The answer is clear—it simply makes turning easier. The shape of the Standard is a directional twin. This means the board feels the same whether riding left or right foot forward, so you can play while moving in either direction as you fine-tune your skills. Next, it uses our Rocker Profile—featuring our Catch Free tune—that is flat in between the bindings and rockered just outside the bindings. This results in easy release and initiation of each and every toe or heelside turn. Easier release equals less falls, less time taking breaks, more time on the mountain, and faster progression. We built the Standard around a sustainably harvested all-wood aspen core, which gives a forgiving flex while remaining playful for popping ollies or hitting your first jumps. Biaxially woven fiberglass hugs the aspen core and gives the board the edge hold needed to handle higher speed as you progress and explore new terrain. The package is rounded out with an Extruded 2000 base, forgiving, durable, and always ready for one more run. Whether it's your first day on the hill or the first black diamond of the day, the all-mountain K2 Standard is a premium beginner snowboard that will give you confidence and keep your coming back for more. - Directional Rocker Baseline - Catch Free - Extruded 2000 Base - Aspen snowboard Core - Biaxial Glass - 4/10 Flex
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