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C4 Waterman Kids 2 Pc. Adjustable Paddle
$159.96 $199.95 20% Off
Kids 2 Pc. Adjustable This is a great paddle for children, and some adults. It is made of high quality fiberglass and is adjustable from 64" up to 72". It comes with our keel-shaped dihedral power face which helps to steer the paddle straight for less paddle wander when taking strokes. Adjustable from 64" to 72" for kids and adults up to 5'6" All fiberglass for strength and durability 7" blade provide plenty of power Round shaft and comfortable t-top are easy to hold Bottom section measures 52"
C4 Waterman X-Wing Paddle Uncut
$195.96 $279.95 30% Off
Fiberglass X-Wing Winged shaft for efficient deep strokes. Extra length for extended reach. Light and strong for efficient paddling. Tech Specs: Weight: 18.5 oz. Length: Up to 92” Blade: 6.9” Features: –Full Fiberglass –6-degree angled blade –Zero apex deep water blade –Patent Pending X-Wing shaft –Ideal for racers and recreational paddlers looking for more reach and depth in their stroke Race paddles tend to be longer. Choose a length 8-10 inches above your height. Uncut X-Wing paddles or those more than 90" ship in three pieces. Uncut paddles require you to attach blade and handle yourself.
Boardworks 2-Pc. Aluminum Paddle - Blk/Blk
Featuring an aluminum shaft and handle with a molded plastic blade, this paddle easily adjusts with a collar clamp adjusting system. This is our least expensive paddle. Perfect for sharing and entry level paddlers. Dimensions: Range: Adjusts from 68” to 96? Blade: 8.25? Weight: 2.5 lb.
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