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One Way Storm 2 Mag

One Way Storm 2 Mag
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If Nordic skiing is your preferred winter training, the Storm 2 Mag will be an important component of your gear. The shaft is made of 100% extra light and stiff carbon. It has the advantage of the unique Mag Point System 2.0 quick-attach magnetic capability. A simple to use button lets you attach or detach the strap without having to open it. High-quality Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0 optimize your control and maximize your power transfer. The quick-swap, tool-free Exchange Basket System lets you easily match the basket to whatever terrain and conditions you're in.

Shaft Diameter Combined: 16:9 mm
Shaft Material: Carbon 100%
Lengths: 145
Swingweight: 110 kgm²
Balance Point: 693mm
Breaking Load: 650 N
Stiffness: 26mm
Weight Per Meter: 75g


Part Numbers

Option UPC Store SKU
135cm 09002972586002
180cm 09002972645662 STO121732740
140cm 09002972585999
145cm 09002972586071
150cm 09002972586057
155cm 09002972586064
160cm 09002972586019 STO128893030
165cm 09002972586033 STO125033245
170cm 09002972586040 STO127951360
175cm 09002972586026 STO124807475