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Pete's Garage Cross Country Ski Service

Stone Grinding

Why stone grind your skis? Hot waxing Nordic skis, which sometimes requires higher temperatures (particularly with colder waxes), can damage the base of your skis, making them less receptive to new wax. Stone grinding removes a very thin layer of the base of your skis, opening the pores in your base material which allows it to properly receive fresh wax. Stone grinding can also help flatten your bases as well as create a uniform surface after base repair. A fresh stone grind followed by a long wax soak in our hot box will ensure that your skis are saturated and ready for the season.

We've partnered with Gear West to bring some of the best stone grinding services in the midwest to our local skiers.

Classic Stone Grinds

Wet and transformed snow- range +25F and up The LC4 is an aggressive, wet snow grind and is a good choice for 'klister' and 'klister-covered' conditions.

Universal grind for all types of snow- range +10F / +30F. The LC2 has a large temperature range and is a good choice for classic skiers looking for one grind suitable for all conditions.

Fine grind for all types of snow- range -5F / +15F. The LCO is a classic stone grind suited for cold-temperature snow, new and transformed.

Skate Stone Grinds

Aggressive skate grind for wet snow conditions- range +32F and up. The PL4 is for wet, transformed snow and is a good choice for those with a dedicated wet snow ski.

Universal grind- range +20F / +40F. The PL3 is a broad range grind and runs well in many different snow types. It is more aggressive than our LZ2 making it a better option as a universal grind for areas of the country that have warmer and more humid snow. It is also a good option as a base grind for warmer profile skate skis and clear base skis.

Universal/Cold grind- range +10F / +35F. The LZ2 is a universal grind that runs well in all snow types and has a broad temperature range. This grind is our go-to grind for customers looking for one grind that performs in all conditions. It accepts hand structure very well and can be made more aggressive this way for warm and wet conditions.

Fine, cold grind- range -10F / +15F. The LZ0 is a fine, cold snow grind that is suitable for all sold snow types. It has an ideal range of -10F to 15F but can often perform outside of the range. The LZ0 is a good option for those skiers looking for a grind for dedicated pair of cold skis, and can also be a suitable option as a base grind for those with experience with hand structure.

Hot Boxing

When cross country skis are new or have just been stone ground, the bases need to be saturated with wax in order to ensure optimal performance. While this can be accomplished with multiple rounds of standard hot waxing, this takes time and also exposes the base of your skis to potential damage after multiple cycles of high temperature wax application. Hot boxing is a process that allows your skis to soak up wax over the course of three hours in a very tightly controlled environment that keeps the skis at a uniform temperature just high enough to melt wax but not high enough to damage your skis.

At Pete's Garage, we're proud to offer Northeast Wisconsin's only Nordic hot box service. Get your new or freshly stone ground skis ready for the season!

Pricing Menu

Wax Packages*


  • Base cleaning
  • Performance base wax
  • Call 920-857-1690


  • Base cleaning
  • Performance base wax
  • High performance wax top coat
  • Call 920-857-1690


  • Base cleaning
  • Performance base wax
  • High performance wax top coat
  • Structure of the day
  • Call 920-857-1690

World Cup

  • Base cleaning
  • Performance base wax with graphite/moly as needed
  • High performance wax top coat
  • Ultra performance final coat
  • Structure of the day
  • Call 920-857-1690

Individual Services

  • Stone Grind (Skate): $95
  • Stone Grind (Classic): $110
  • Hot Box: $25
  • Base Repair: $60/hour shop rate ($5 minimum)
  • Call 920-857-1690